Poles, Votes and Summary

Candidate Vetting and Response

Is a set of questions asked the Candidate of varied position and their response to set questions. The Survey Results will be display after candidates complete the Questions.

The Ammendment Survey 2024

Is a model of the ballot issues you may see in November. The Survey Results display current responses.

The Candidate Poll/Issues

Is a model of the ballot for candidates you may see.

Quantity of Votes

is broken into "daily, weekly, and monthly" amounts. You can vote once per week in case you change your mind!

Results of Votes

Is the results of the Candidate Poll for each item in the order they were presented.

About the Presentation

The Amendment Survey was requested using AI to provide the potential ballot issues that will be upcoming in November. The Candidate information is from the the Santa Rosa SOE Web Site. Names were added unless they had been "withdrawn" and this list of names was created on June 1, 2024. This is NOT an "Official" Form or "Result" nor is it endorsed by any Candidate(s). The last question is not listed but has been brought up at County Commissioner Meetings. That question is: Should Navarre become Incorporated?